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    A Prostate Nodule is simply a "bump" that can be felt in the prostate on Digital Rectal Examination, (DRE).  A nodule does not mean that prostate cancer is present.  Prostate nodules can be hard, soft, big, small or gritty.  While a rocky hard nodule may mean cancer it may also be a calcification, (stone), in the prostate. Similarly, a soft nodule may be a cancer.  An asymmetric prostate may be considered a nodule.  When a nodule is found, the urologist must include in his evaluation the presence of symptoms of prostatitis or infection, the level of PSA and/or Free PSA, as well as the consistency of the nodule.  On occasion, treatment for infection or prostatitis is given for several weeks to a month and the prostate reevaluated.  If the nodule disappears, and the PSA goes back to normal, a biopsy may not need be done.

    However, if a nodule does not disappear or the PSA does not drop to normal with antibiotic treatment, or especially if there are no symptoms of infection sonography and biopsy MUST be done unless there are medical contraindications such as age over 80, other major life threatening conditions, etc.

    Overall, about 50% of all prostate nodules are cancerous!























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